Remote Monitoring of Office Air Quality

Remote Monitoring

Monitor the environmental conditions of your office space.
Graph and log day to day conditions of the working environment. Easily deployable with visibility all the way down to actual desktop environment conditions and create reports based on agreed parameters

Monitor Co2, PM2.5, Humidity, Temperature,DHW Temperature or  Desk Occupancy.  We have 80+ types of sensors.

View from anywhere in the world using a desktop browser .  Unlimited amount of data can be stored.  You can identify and react quickly when conditions are not optimal using easy to set alarm thresholds by means of email or SMS.

Complete Standalone System

There is no requirement for any existing building management systems, most BMS when fitted have single sensors per workfloor space, the costs disruption to add additional monitoring to a BMS can be prohibitive.

The system will create a picture of your working environment and help to improve conditions utilising 4G wireless communications so no requirement to integrate to any existing office IT networks.

The system can be used in any environment from single office working to working from home.  Show your teams you are taking their working environment seriously .

Surveys have shown that poor environmental conditions have a genuine effect on your teams productivity 

The system can reduce some of the labour intensive day to day jobs of temperature monitoring and is suitable for all environments.

smart screen on wall with spacious hall in modern office building

Fixed Monthly Costs

Writing note showing Energy Usage. Business concept for Amount of energy consumed or used in a process or system Male wear formal work suit presenting presentation smart device

The system can be used wherever you have a monitoring requirement   

    • Fridge monitoring 
    • Vibration monitoring  
    • Remote leak detection 
    • Motion detection 
    • Plant Movement detection 
    • Fault Monitoring 
    • DHW Temperature Monitoring 

Easy to view with instant access wherever you are.  Real time alarms and exportable information for report creation (.CSV)   Graphical interpretation and floor layouts and expandable to multiple locations across multiple sites all for a Fixed price monthly cost



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