So the British Summer seems to finally be coming and everyone in their offices are starting to turn on their Air Conditioning Units. But the office seems to start filling up with a strange musky smell. I was recently asked by someone with an Air Conditioning System in a office in Brighouse why there was such a bad smell coming from the unit.

The mildew or stale smell could mean that the water isn’t draining away from the indoor evaporator properly. A build up can cause bacteria to form, this odor is blown out through the Air Conditioning Unit fan, and regular servicing can prevent this problem. It could also be a sign that the system has been incorrectly sized.Smelly Air Conditioner

Horrible as it sound air born particles such as dust, dead skin cells are around us all the time, these small particles can have a contribution in the irritation of allergies such as asthma and eczema. Correct Service and Maintenance of the Air conditioning Unit and filters can help. Mitsubishi have the latest Plasma Duo Filter System, this is comprised of the Plasma Deodorising Filter and the Plasma Air Purifying Filter.

The deodorising filter removes chemical substances such as ammonia and hydrogen sulphide at the nano-level (1/1,000,000 of a millimeter).

The air purifying filter then removes substances like house dust, pollen, bacteria and viruses. In addition, negative ions are generated which can have a relaxing impact.

These problems can be resolved easily & effectively, so if your Office Air Conditioning or Home Air Conditioning Unit could just need a quick Service!