Your air conditioning system has a large variety of moving parts that can go wrong.  But when your air conditioning system starts to leak water it can be surprising and worrying.

Here at Chill Tech Solutions we get lots of calls about emergency faults and leaking water is very common. Here is a quick explanation of how AC systems work and why your unit might be leaking water.

 Air Conditioning Water Leaks

If you’ve ever taken a cold glass outside on a hot day then you’re to have likely noticed how water will start to bead on the outside of the glass. This is called condensation and the same thing happens inside your air conditioner as warm air is passed over a series of cold coils. Condensation occurs because warm air is capable of holding more moisture than cold air. As the air cools it will release the moisture onto the coils.

The first thing to check are the filters, blocked filters can cause your system to leak water.  Under normal circumstances, the condensation on the coils will drip into a collection pan and drain away. But over time, this drain pain and the drain lines can get clogged with dust, dirt, mildew, mold or bacteria. If the drain system gets completely clogged your air conditioning system can start to leak and require repair.

How to Prevent Air Conditioning Water Leaks

Probably the best way to prevent your condensate drain system from clogging and leaking is to get regular air conditioning maintenance. During regular air conditioning maintenance visits, your Air Conditioning service engineer  will inspect the filters, drain lines and the drain pan for clogs or build-up of any sort. They will clean these contaminants out of the system so that your air conditioner continues to operate well.