There are a number of air-conditioning manufacturers out there and like car manufactures the quality and costs can vary greatly.  You then need to consider the installation of the air conditioning units, what quality and the standards will you receive? In the same way that any skilled trade vary in quality, the air-conditioning engineer is no exception. In fact, air conditioning is probably the most varied and diverse trade available.   This means having not only qualified but extremely experienced engineering staff is essential for air conditioning installations.

In some cases we have been asked to quote against a competitor who has no industry affiliations, no F gas qualifications and low budget equipment that are difficult to source replacement parts for if they go wrong!  This is one of the reasons why at Chill Tech Solutions we always opt for energy efficient air conditioning equipment that can carry an initial higher installation cost but long term would save both running & maintenance costs.

Then you will need to consider the service and maintenance and warranty that would come with the new installation. When looking into an air conditioning installation you will need to consider whether the company installing the equipment are able and qualified to service and maintain your equipment.

Having a quality air conditioning maintenance contract in place immediately after your new equipment has been installed will not only give you the peace of mind ensuring longevity but it will also validate any manufacturers parts warranties.

When you consider all of these elements, it’s easy to see why there are sometimes an extra costs associated by going with a premium company however, the premium service is always the most cost-effective route to take.

Your air conditioning installation should be looked at as an investment. Air conditioning is about creating environments that are comfortable to live in or work in.
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