What is an Air Source Heat Pump?

An Air Source Heat pump is a renewable energy system that heats your home and your hot water using free solar energy from the air. The energy is converted to a usable temperature and then provides you with all your heating and hot water requirements. Savings on your fuel bills could be somewhere in the region of 75% less than your traditional heating systems.

As a result of the European Union commitment to reducing CO² emissions, residential hot water and space heating have been identified as possible areas for efficiency improvements. Unlike traditional boilers which consume fossil fuels, Air-to-water heat pumps are considered to be renewable energy technology. As a result these systems are now considered as an ideal option for both new build and retrofit projects.

Air-to-water systems may be installed to supplement an existing boiler installation or alternatively they may be installed as the sole means of providing space heating and domestic hot water. A highly efficient inverter driven heat pump is used to absorb natural heat present in the atmosphere; this is then used to heat water via a plate heat exchanger. Hot water can then be circulated through under-floor heating pipes, traditional radiators, fan assisted coils and a hot water storage tank depending on the installation requirements.

Air to water systems can achieve COPs in excess of 4, which means that for every 1kw of electrical energy used 4kw of heat energy is created. This means that energy bills and CO² emissions can be substantially reduced. As well as having outstanding energy efficiency these systems also have the added advantage of being able to provide air conditioning during the summer months.

Chill Tech Solutions offer a fully comprehensive range of Air-to-water heat pumps, which means that whatever the application we are able to provide a solution. With advanced control options such as floating set point, which adjusts the leaving water temperature in relation to the outdoor temperature, the highest level of comfort and efficiency can be achieved. Air-to-water technology can also be harnessed to provide heat for swimming pools and hot tubs, which means that operating costs can be considerably reduced.

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